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Over the past few months, several thousand comments were posted on the website which have nothing whatsoever to do with the subject matter. So I have spent months (a) disallowing all comments, and (b) deleting most of them.  My sincere apologies -- I have no alternative. 

2014-06-06 14:21


Another milestone was achieved recently -- one million visitors per annum. Many thanks
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The “Fairest Cape in all the World”, whales, great white sharks and the Big5, the Cradle of Humanity, Nelson Mandela, gold, diamonds and platinum, Victoria Falls and the mighty Zambezi, the Kruger and Greater St Lucia Wetland Parks, Shaka Zulu and the Rain Queen, Mahatma Gandhi, the Great Karoo and the Kalahari and Namib deserts, the wildflowers of Namaqualand in Spring, vineyards, the Garden Route, tropical and sub-tropical beaches, high mountain passes, some of the most isolated places on earth, world-class roads and infrastructure, the 2010 Soccer World Cup (FIFA), the Anglo-Boer War and Apartheid -- Southern Africa’s astonishing diversity was best articulated by Alan Paton in  “Cry the Beloved Country”

“Stand unshod upon it, for the ground is holy,
Being even as it came from the Creator.
Keep it, guard it, care for it,
For it keeps men, guards men, cares for men.
Destroy it and man is destroyed.”

However, its diversity makes information difficult to find. Quo Vadis enables one to find relevant information and thus make the most of a visit to the region. Several thousand articles mention, amongst others:

accommodation, bed and breakfast, backpacking, camping, self-catering, caravan parks, road, rail, air and water transport, game-viewing, Malawi, banks and forex, tour operators and guides, entertainment, restaurants, wilderness trails, hiking, history, game lodges, steam trains, birding, “The Kingdom in the Sky” in the Drakensberg, wine-tasting, architecture, bungee-jumping, geology, botany, ornithology, ichthyology, archaeology and palaeontology, surfing, bureau de change, white-water rafting, history, indigenous forests, canoeing, Tolkein, entertainment, bookings, scuba diving, Winston Churchill, culture, schools, universities and education, museums, battlefields, horse-riding, trout, bass and deep-sea fishing, tourism bureaux, wild-flowers, books, literature, arts and crafts, travel tips, stories, weddings, conferences, islands, shipwrecks, lighthouses, etc.  

Search using the various categories on the home page. Be aware however that this has its limitations because many articles refer to places with multiple attributes. Alternatively interrogate the data using the search engine. When doing so, bear in mind that language and spelling differences exist (e.g. holiday/vacation, apartment/flat, cell phone or mobile phone). Furthermore I suggest you obtain a road atlas since the directions will otherwise not make much sense. While excellent maps are available locally – e.g. from www.mapstudio.co.za or www.aasa.co.za -- Michelin maps are obtainable in many bookstores.  In addition excellent maps are available here -- see www.saexplorer.co.za Alternatively organize a GPS on arrival -- they are remarkably handy when travelling in unfamiliar places.

Interrogate the data and home in on what is of interest by moving from the general to the specific (a logical approach irrespective whether or not you are familiar with the region). You are invited to:

o    Search the data at your leisure
o    Make arrangements with organisations of your choice. Quiz them for local knowledge – most are willing to assist.
o    Submit information for inclusion on the site, comments, requests for assistance, queries and feedback to alanmciver@gmail.com

Bear in mind that, while every effort has been made to make the site as meaningful as possible, some information changes frequently. Furthermore we are not usually informed of such changes.   Accordingly, Quo Vadis cannot be held responsible for the correctness or otherwise of the information made available here. 

2014-02-15 14:50

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