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A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane with Jonathan Ossher, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Memories of

•    Adderley Street, Cape Town
•    Colosseum Theatre, Johannesburg
•    Bus ticket
•    Double Decker Bus
•    OK Bazaars Johannesburg
•    4 cent stamp
•    Beano with Dennis the Menace
•    Miners Statue in Braamfontein
•    Kid Colt
•    Tessa Magazine
•    Ruiter in Swart Magazine
•    Grensvegter Magazine
•    Scope Magazine
•    Springbok Hit Parade
•    Movie Projector
•    Radiogram
•    Analog Telephone
•    Sinclair PC
•    Commodore PC
•    Telefunken TV
•    Portable Radio

Jonathan has also collected several soundbytes (where does he find this stuff), including

•    No Place to Hide
•    LM Radio
•    Squad Cars
•    Consider your Verdict
•    Colgate Toothpaste
•    Hospitaal Tyd
•    Ipana Toothpaste

Unfortunately they are too large to be made available here. If you contact me I will send them to you



attached files: Springbok Radio Top 20.gif, Adderley Street, Cape Town.gif, Tessa Magazine.gif, Analog Telephone.gif, Miners Statue, Johannesburg.gif, Radiogram.gif, Sinclair PC.gif, Portable Radio.gif, Ruiter in Swart Magzine.gif, Telefunken TV.gif, Colosseum Theatre at Night, Johannesburg.gif, Grensvegter Magazine.gif, OK Bazaars, Johannesburg.gif, Beano with Dennis the Menace.gif, Scope Magazine.gif, 4 Cent Postage Stamp.gif, Impalas Leaping Statue, Joubert Park.gif, Movie Projector.jpg, Kid Colt Magazine.gif, 14 Cent Bus Ticket.gif, Commodore PC.gif, Double Decker Bus, Johannesburg.gif

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