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And then? Bushman’s River, Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape.

A good friend, Stanley Somerset, lives in Klipfontein, west of Bushman’s River and works in Alexandria nearby. Grateful for the opportunity to wind down and spend quality time with his son, he sometimes takes him fishing in the river nearby. Like most fishermen, he wears old clothes and an old floppy hat and, as a result, looks like a derelict when doing so.

Late one Friday afternoon, while admiring the sunset, an expensive car stopped on the bridge and the driver climbed out to admire the view. Noticing Stanley and wanting to strike up a conversation with him, he introduced himself. He said he had driven from Cape Town via the Garden Route and was dismayed by the squatter camps he had seen along the way. Believing Stanley to be similarly disadvantaged, he asked him what he was doing sitting next to the river.

“Fishing” replied Stanley

“Yes, I can see that”.  “But why don’t you get a job?” asked the tourist condescendingly.

“And then?” Stanley asked laconically.

Taken aback by the question, the tourist said: “Well, then you can earn a salary, buy some new clothes, that sort of thing”

“And then?” replied Stanley.

Incredulous, the tourist replied: “Well then you can buy a nice house and put food on the table”

“And then?”

“Then you will be able to buy a nice car, educate your children, perhaps even send your son to university”

“And then?”

“I am not sure” replied the tourist. “Perhaps you might provide for your old age by qualifying for a pension or becoming a member of a medical aid scheme”.

“And then?”

“Having provided for their material needs, you will be able to retire and spend quality time with your family”.

“And then?”

“Take some time off to enjoy a spot of fishing now and then” said the tourist.

Stanley looked him in the eye and, with a wry smile, said: “I’m already fishing”

Be wary of being reeled in, hook line and sinker, by good citizens of the Eastern Cape. You can never be sure what they are trying to catch!

Bushmans River is on the R72 west of Kenton-on-Sea (Kentononsea), which is on the R72 west of Port Alfred, which is on the R72 west of East London, which is at the intersection of the N2 with the N6. Alan McIver NFAnd

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