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Ski Boats and Deep-Sea Fishing, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Some will make great sacrifices to go fishing, including launching ski-boats through the surf to indulge their passion.

Waves gather steam on their long journey from the Antarctic to vent their fury on the rocks and beaches along the coast. However, the coast is not well endowed with harbours.  Local fishermen devised an innovative solution -- take their boats out through the surf!

In the early days, boats were primitive by today’s standards. Modern boats have twin engines, sealed bulkheads, fish finders, flared bows, etc. However, it is still a hazardous pastime.  Generally, they launch from beaches that are less exposed, but they still have to face the oncoming waves, avoiding which requires experience and timing. 

Every now and then even the most experienced skippers get it wrong.  Then it also requires courage and discipline, because there is no turning back. Those whose nerves fail and try turning back either drown or end up on the beach sans boat with their expensive fishing tackle on the seabed. In addition, they often have razor-sharp fishhooks stuck in the most unfortunate places.

The best alternative is to head directly at the wave and take it straight over the top, irrespective of size.  When this happens, most head back to the beach to lick their wounds. Admittedly, this does not happen very often.  The reason is that those to whom it has happened rarely go to sea again. Survival of the fittest!

A trip out to sea on these boats is an experience not to be missed. Alan McIver AVSkiboat

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