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Avian Evolution and Dinosaurs, Southern Africa.

I have listened to many wildlife programs in which it is mentioned that birds evolved from dinosaurs. Indeed it is now widely accepted that birds are the living descendants of dinosaurs. However one thing always struck me as being inconsistent – they do not look the same. Firstly birds do not have long tails as did most dinosaurs. In addition, we are all familiar with the expression: “As scarce as hens teeth”. One of the more obvious attributes of many dinosaurs was their enormous, razor-sharp teeth which birds do not share.  Lastly, unlike dinosaurs, birds are covered with feathers. Given such obvious inconsistencies, how is it possible that birds could have evolved from dinosaurs?

As far as feathers are concerned, recent discoveries in China have revealed that some dinosaurs had primitive feathers. However, one enterprising researcher recently decided to conduct experiments in which he examined the foetus’ of modern birds a few days after incubation. What he discovered came as a complete surprise. Consistent with dinosaurs, the foetus’ had both tails and teeth for the first few days after incubation. However, a few days later, the tails and teeth had disappeared. In other words, consistent with the theory that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs, the foetus’ did have both tails and teeth. However there are genes in their DNA that switch off the growth of tails and teeth so that miraculously, modern birds have neither.

Thank goodness for that. Can you imagine what the world would be like if all birds had large razor-sharp teeth? Traditional English breakfasts would probably be the first thing to go! Alternatively the roles would be reversed and we would be on their breakfast menu. God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

Alan McIver

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