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Mateke Game Farm, Thabazimbi, Waterberg, Bushveld, Limpopo Province.

Breathtaking scenery and vegetation leaves a permanent impression on visitors. Private 2700-Ha jewel in the Kransberg Bushveld,   which is a part of the Waterberg.  Several different types of accommodation:

•    Tree Camp: Unique accommodation in tree houses. Eighteen and eight people in chalets One and Two respectively. Self-catering facilities. Adjoining ablutions. Thatched lapa. Rated one of the most beautiful hikers camps in South Africa.
•    Bush Camp:  Two chalets each accommodating twelve.  Two adjoining chalets on the banks of the Mamba River. Large self-catering facilities in private thatched lapa. Bring bedding and eating utensils. Private ablutions. Ideal for the larger crowd.
•    Wille Kat River Camp: On the banks of the Mamba River. Luxurious tree house. Private ablutions, thatched lapa and self-catering facilities. Braai equipment provided.
•    Wille Vark and Wille Hond: Ideal for a family getaway. Self-catering with stove, fridge and washing up area in private thatched lapa. Bedding and eating utensils provided. Private ablutions. Affordable luxury.
•    Wille Bees, Wille Hoender, Wille Donkie and Wille Perd: Four tree houses can accommodate four each. Each equipped with stove, fridge, washing up area in mini-kitchen. Bring bedding and eating utensils. Private ablutions. Lapa and braai area.

Activities include:

•    Challenging 4x4 trails
•    Mountain bike trails
•    Scenic swimming spots in the Mamba River
•    Birding
•    Game drives
•    Sunset booze cruise
•    Horse riding

Makeke is off the R510 north of Thabazimbi, which is on the R510 north of Rustenburg, which is on the N4 west of Pretoria. Travel north on the R510 from Thabazimbi towards Ellisras.  After 30-km, turn northeast onto the Ellisras road. After 11-km turn south onto the Rooiberg road. After a further 400-m, turn east  onto the Tweeloopfontien road. After 11-km, turn right at the T-junction in the direction of Schoengelegen. Mateke Game Farm is 7-km on the left. AZMateke

Contct:            Vivian
Anvie Ventures
+27 (12) 662 0586 telephone
+27 (12) 662 1140 fax


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I had the pleasure of hanivg mr anderson this year and although I was quiet and hardly ever spoke, the room and anderson mean a lot to me. I know its hard for me to make connections with people and let my guard down, but here it goes, I am truely going to miss this room and the memories had in it! Andersons class will always be my favorite experience from high school. These photos make me cry as I realize I may have had few friends and not talked to many people, but we are all linked we have known and seen each other for years and whether we want to believe it or not, we all care about each other and are all linked together because we are and will always be one dysfunctional group, the Hawthorne high School class of 2011!
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