ID #1793

Hadida Guest House, Kimberley, Diamond Fields, Northern Cape.

Self-catering or bed and breakfast. Comfortable and well equipped accommodation in fully equipped single, double or family rooms with en-suite bathrooms and self-catering facilities.  Townhouse with three bedrooms, (three double beds and two singles), two bathrooms (bath and shower), lounge (TV with M-Net) and kitchen (microwave, fridge, etc).  Features include:

•    Swimming pool
•    Safe parking
•    Braai facilities
•    TV  with M-Net
•    Air-conditioner, watercooler or ceiling fan in each room
•    English breakfast on request

#8 Howie Road, Kimberley, which is on the N12 northeast of  Britstown, which is at the intersection of the N12 with the N10. Travelling south on the N12, turn right into Lennox, which becomes Long Street, which becomes Schmidtsdrft Street, passing the microwave tower on your left.  Turn right into Howie Road. BDHadida

Contct:            +27 (53) 861 2323 telephone
+27 (53) 861 3959 fax
+27 (82) 460 0671 cell

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