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Goblin’s Cove Restaurant, Magaliesburg, West Rand, Central Gauteng.

There was no way to know, when first I met Etta Sweet, that we would become friends and work together for four years. Etta was in charge of the bakery tearoom where, thanks to my grandfather, who had prevailed upon his friend, the owner, I was given a job.  The charming Hungarian bakery was managed by the tyrannical Mrs Jacobs, who always wore a black uniform.  Etta Sweet’s sparkling white did not imply that she was, despite her name, sweetness and light.  I was in awe of her ability to do all of the cooking for the restaurant and at the same time keep track of the five waitresses, all women who had worked with her for five years.  At first she regarded my help as a dubious addition.

Etta did not spend much time in idle chit-chat, and certainly did not praise me. To be truthful she did not seem to focus on me much at all.  Although I found, in time, that I was able to charm the dreaded Mrs Jacobs, such guile was wasted on Mrs Sweet.

The other waitresses were all mature women. One was an Austrian with a charming accent, one a French Canadian with beautiful red hair and petite features, and another a large woman with a huge lacey handkerchief that bloomed out of her uniform pocket.  From the start they were allies, helping me bus tables when I got too busy, taking difficult customers, and giving me tables they knew would give me good tips – because I needed the money for college.

Helping each other created a bond between us.  We covered each other’s stations and pitched in when someone was sick: We were a team.  Etta stayed at her grill, putting out orders in record time and hardly every making a mistake.  Through her square frameless glasses, she never missed a move we made.  Once, when I was helping behind the counter, I made the mistake of placing a wet hand on the ice cream cooler while, with the other, I was making a milkshake.  I got such a jolt the shake spattered all over the counter and the customers.  By the time I “came to”, Etta had the situation in hand, the counter cleaned up and the customers happy – or at least willing to forgive my youthful blunder.

Complete this story and you stand to win a dinner for two at the Goblin’s Cove Restaurant.

Beautiful venue, where fairies and goblins play.  In a natural forest on the banks of a small lake formed by the Maglies River. Each theme room has its own shape and seats between 2 and 12 to provide guests with privacy. Aviary ducks and peacocks.  Train coach with four luxury cabins for those who want to stay over. 

Magaliesburg is on the R24 west of Krugersdorp, which is on the N14 southwest of Pretoria. ALGoblin

Contct:            Thomas and Charlene
Box 98 Magaliesburg 1791
+27 (14) 576 2143+27 (14) 576 2143 restaurant telephone
+27 (14) 577 1126+27 (14) 577 1126 office and fax
+27 (82) 901 5851+27 (82) 901 5851 cell

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