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Lynx Rifle Scopes, Sloane Park, Sandton, Central Gauteng.

Choosing the most suitable hunting scope has to do with where you hunt. Bushveld hunting calls for low-power scopes because low powers have wide fields of view, allowing the hunter to locate a close range game animal in the scope instantaneously instead of wasting time searching for it in a higher power scope. 4x may be considered the highest useable magnification. Although some hunters get by with 4x scopes they would be better off with a 6 or 8x for long range shooting.

Variable power scopes are versatile giving the one-gun hunter comfortable shooting in a variety of conditions. If bushveld hunting is more important than open country, choose a variable with the lowest low-end magnification. When open country predominates, variables with 9 or 10x at the top end are good choices. A useful rule of thumb is that every 10 meters of range requires 2x scope magnification – i.e., 200m = 4x, etc. ALLynx

Contct:   Lynx Optics
Box 98078 Sloane Park 2152
+27 (11) 792 6644+27 (11) 792 6644 telephone
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