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Miraculous Aloe Ferox (and Aloe Vera), South Africa.

I first discovered the miraculous properties of Aloe ferox while working at the chicory factory in Alexandria. We were modifying a spray drier and much welding was involved. As a result I suffered severely from “arc eyes” for much of the time.

When one looks at an electric arc by accident, even momentarily, the skin of one’s eyeballs is damaged, a condition referred to as arc eyes. Initially one does not notice it but after a few hours the pain becomes intense – it feels as though sand has been poured into one’s eyes.

I had suffered from arc eyes on and off for several months and, one night the pain was particularly severe. So severe I did not sleep a wink all night. Instead I wandered about feeling my way around because my eyes were gummed shut and I was unable to see at all. Desperate, I started thinking about how to obtain some relief. I had heard about the miraculous power of aloe ferox in the relief of sunburn and other skin injuries and happened to have some with me at the time. So, quite rashly in retrospect, I decided to try using it in my left eye and the relief was instantaneous. So I tried it in my right eye and, ten minutes later, the pain was gone. As one might imagine, I have since become a big fan of the product.

Since then I have tried it on all sorts of skin ailments – e.g. mosquito bites, scratches, dog bites, sunburn, shaving rash and so on and it works every time. Furthermore it solves the problem of sore tired eyes after driving long distances. More recently I persuaded friend who was suffering from conjunctivitis (pink eye) to use it and again it worked its magic in a few minutes. Lastly I recently started used it as a hair gel instead of shampoo and it gives one’s hair a lustrous but non-greasy appearance. In addition, it solves problems like an itchy scalp and dandruff. And it works wonders for toothache. Incidentally I also believe it may be used to clear up problems in one’s intestinal tract (such as ulcers) but have not tried this yet. Furthermore, I am reliably informed but cannot confirm that, when taken internally, it can be used to combat high blood pressure, cholesterol and constipation.  

I use the gel without any additives, colourants or perfumes so be careful which one you use.   

Alan McIver, Abu Dhabi, November 2012

I would be interested to find out whether or not it can be used to treat exzema. Readers please comment on your experience with this wonder gel. 

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