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Lowveld Link Bus Shuttle Service between Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

Travels a circular route on the N4 between White River and Gauteng.  Comfortable, stylish and luxurious.


White River, Lowveld, Mpumalanga R40X R537X R538X                                 Depart        07h00
Nelspruit, Lowvwld, Mpumalanga R40X N4X R37X                                           Depart       07h30
Middelburg Highveld Mpumalanga N4X N11X R555X R104X R35X                    Arrive         09h20   
Witbank Highveld Mpumalanga N4X N12X R544X R555X                                Arrive         09h45
Pretoria, Northern Gauteng N1X N4X N14X                                                    Arrive         11h00
Sandton, Central Gauteng N1X N3X N12X N17X                                             Arrive         11h30
Johannesburg, Central Gauteng                                                                 Arrive          11h30
Johannesburg International Airport East Rand Gauteng                                 Arrive          12h15   
Johannesburg International Airport,    Ekurhuleni                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Depart                                                                                                                     12h45
Johannesburg                                                                                         Depart        13h30
Sandton                                                                                                 Depart        13h45   
Pretoria                                                                                                  Depart        14h45    
Witbank                                                                                                 Depart        15h45   
Middelburg, N11X                                                                                    Depart        16h25   
Nelspruit, R40X, R37X, N4X                                                                      Arrive          18h15   
White River, R40X R537X R538X                                                               Arrive          18h30   


White River                                                                                           11h00         Depart
Nelspruit                                                                                               11h30        Depart
Middelburg                                                                                            13h20     Arrive/Depart
Witbank                                                                                                13h45     Arrive/Depart
Johannesburg International Airport                                                           15h00     Arrive/Depart
Johannesburg                                                                                        15h30     Arrive/Depart
Sandton                                                                                                15h45     Arrive/Depart
Pretoria                                                                                                16h15         Arrive
Pretoria                                                                                                16h15         Depart
Witbank                                                                                                17h15        Depart
Middelburg                                                                                            17h40        Depart
Nelspruit                                                                                               19h30         Depart
White River                                                                                           19h45         Arrive


Contct:            +27 (13) 750 1174+27 (13) 750 1174 telephone
+27 (83) 778 8527+27 (83) 778 8527 cell


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