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Southern Africa Travel IQ (Interesting Questions)

Would you like to play a Southern African tourism trivial pursuit? Spreadsheets in which 1200 questions,source references and answers are listed in Files TPQ40 through TPQ1200 respectively.

At one level, the above questions are simply a game. But there is a more serious objective here. While many of the above questions appear to be "odd", they were chosen to lead you to real treasures in Southern Africa -- i.e. features that are not only "off-the-beaten track" but are also unique, interesting or, in some instances, simply astonishing. One thing is certain. Having explored such questions, you will be (a) able to establish what you would like to see rather than what the industry would like to sell you, and (b) knowledgeable about and better-equipped to make the most of a visit to the region. trivialpursuit

attached files: TPQ520.xls, TPQ720.xls, TPQ80.xls, TPQ440.xls, TPQ1160.xls, TPQ640.xls, TPQ40.xls, TPQ480.xls, TPQ1200.xls, TPQ200.xls, TPQ1120.xls, TPQ760.xls, TPQ840.xls, TPQ120.xls, TPQ160.xls, TPQ280.xls, TPQ320.xls, TPQ960.xls, TPQ360.xls, TPQ800.xls, TPQ1080.xls, TPQ680.xls, TPQ1000.xls, TPQ880.xls, TPQ560.xls, TPQ240.xls, TPQ600.xls, TPQ920.xls, TPQ1040.xls, TPQ400.xls

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