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Swazi Cultural Village, Lobamba, Swaziland, Southern Africa.

Built to represent a mid-nineteenth century Swazi homestead. The head of the family resides in the Great Hut, which is opposite the cattle kraal. This is the hub of the village where the spirits of the ancestors are consulted, family matters are reconciled and financial decisions are made. On either side of the Great Hut are the huts of the headman’s two wives, with the senior wife on the right.  They in turn each have two kitchens, one for food preparation and the other for the brewing of traditional beer. There are huts for the first-born son, who takes over responsibility for the homestead from his father, and the last-born son who must care for his mother until her death. The younger boys have their own hut, as do the young girls, the former being close to the cattle kraal. Central to the village is the medicine man and herbalist who guards the health of the village. A small enclosure is used by the headman to instruct his sons on their family responsibilities, the care of the cattle and the welfare of the homestead. This area is for male members only. At the rear of the village, there is a further small enclosure with an entrance and exit. Here the headman sits and smokes dagga (marijuana) through a waterpipe. This is his sole domain and, if the police should call, the exit is put to immediate use.

Within the village, daily life is portrayed through dance, drama, craft making, story telling, preparation of traditional foods and the throwing of the bones. Visitors are accommodated outside the village in traditional beehive huts and experience the culture and history of this vibrant Kingdom.  Visit Swaziland’s largest waterfall, Mantenga Falls, which is just a few meters away. Take the road to the Mantenga Lodge and travel beside the Umbuluzi River within the Mantenga Nature Reserve to the village. Three Swazi huts, 15 tents with thatched canopies, a camping site and restaurant serving traditional foods. 

Lobamba is south of route 3 between Mbabane and Manzini. AVSwazi

Contct:            Box 100 Lobamba Kingdom of Swaziland
            +268 (41) 61013 telephone
            +268 (41) 61480 fax   
            web: www.sntc/org/sz

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