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One of Southern Africa's best kept secrets are its many excellent campgrounds. While some are simply clearings in the bush, many have excellent facilities such as shaded, grassed, electrified campsites, spotlessly clean ablution blocks, a perimeter security fence for personal safety, etc. Some even have chalets available for rent. Because they were established many years ago, many occupy prime positions in popular holiday destinations. Furthermore, most are almost empty out of the holiday season (Easter and Christmas). In addition, apart from the Western Cape in winter, the weather is fine most of the year. Lastly, most small towns have one. ATKV, Aventura and the Caravan Club of South Africa (CCSA) set high standards but there are many others, particularly in national parks, that are equally impressive. So if you are looking for an inexpensive holiday, come prepared to camp.

Last update: 2009-05-16 13:58
Author: Alan McIver

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